Cosas raras que me pasan. 1

I am studying German in the Volkshochschule here, and my teacher, who is a professor of Philosophy, likes poetry a lot. Sometimes he brings German poems to class so we can comment on them. Some weeks ago, I was walking in Aachen with a friend, and we stopped in one of those bookshelves that there are in the streets full with free books. I picked up two books of poetry. One was signed, but didn’t pay much attention. IMG_20160622_124212.jpgIMG_20160622_124202.jpg
Back at home, with my boyfriend, we started to have a closer look at the books. The signature was from Gregor Maria Kirschbaum, who gave the book to his brother Victor for Christmas in 1947, which is when the book was published. Wow, a book signed by the author to his brother! let’s do some research!
We googled the name, and came out this:  So he was born the same day as I!! kömisch!, interesting. And he is buried in Aachen…. I supposed his children didn’t appreciate enough books and just sold all of them in bulk, and somehow this one, given by his brother, ended up in a shelf on the street :/
Sad story.
Ok, more research!!, now I google Gregor María Kirschbaum, and this comes out:
An article of his wife, turning 100!! and have a look at this: “Nach dem Abitur 1934 ging sie nach Barcelona, um Spanisch zu lernen. Nach ihrer Rückkehr nach Deutschland lernte sie Gregor Maria Kirschbaum kennen und heiratete 1939……Seit 1980 ist sie Witwe, nutzte seitdem die Zeit für viele Reisen unter anderem in ihr Lieblingsland Spanien”… so She loved Spain.. and I am Spanish!! Maybe she even speaks Spanish! That’s interesting…
wait, does it say “MEHLEM”? That’s in Bonn!! I go there every now and then. Also, last weekend we were doing a route near the Siebengebirge. We parked the car in Bad Honnef and walked for 16 km.
Last week I spent the entire week reading the book of Gregor I also thought about just calling Ingeborg by phone and go by to give this book back.
So as you see, I am quite surprised about all these coincidences, and I’d like to follow the story :D.


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